How to work with navigation in SharePoint

In this post, I will discuss how to work with navigation in SharePoint.

We will see, how to configure global navigation (shown at top of the page) and current navigation (shown at the side of the page).

Step 1. Click on gear/setting from top left of the page

Step 2. Click on Site Settings, and then click on Navigation


Step 3: For global navigation, specify the navigation items to display.

  • You can select items same as parent site, Managed navigation if you have setup metadata term set or structural Navigation if you want to show up items under current site
  • You will get the same setting option for current navigation (side of the page)
  • Also, you can sort the order manually or automatically


Step 4: Scroll down on the page, under Structural Navigation: Editing and Sorting

  • You can create, delete and edit navigation links and headings
  • You can also move navigation items under headings and choose to display or hide pages and subsites for both global and current navigation


Using Move up and Move down option you can change the order of the links and headings.

Hope this article will help you to set you navigation in SharePoint.

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