How to create new site collection in SharePoint Online

Now the time has come for SharePoint Online. In this article, I will discuss how to create new site collection in SharePoint Online.

So first thing first, we need to go to admin center. Login to your office 365 account using URL:


Now either you can directly go to admin site using

or go to admin portal from the home screen using Admin tile, scroll down and look for Admin centers on the side navigation.


Once you land on the admin center site, you will notice all the services available in SharePoint on premise.


Click on New option to create site collection, drop down will show up with private site collection option, click on it.

Note: Microsoft has already removed the public site collection option, if you still want SharePoint public site

go to Admin portal and on the side navigation under Resources, you will find public website option. this will redirect to third party companies like WIX and GODaddy. 


After clicking Private Site Collection, you will get new site collection dialog box with options.

Now fill in the details as per your requirement, for example, I am creating site collection for education and training.

Also, you can choose language, type of template and administrator name. I am keeping team site for now.


After clicking on OK, it will take few minutes to setup site collection for you. Also, click on the link to check out the properties of site collection.


Once every looks fine, click on the link and it will open up the home page of the site collection.


Below is the video which walks you through the process of creating new site collection in SharePoint Online.

[embedyt] [/embedyt]

That’s it. I hope this article will help you to start with SharePoint Online Administration.

In my next articles, I will be discussing more SharePoint Online and its features.


Thank you 🙂

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