How to Create a Color-Coded Calendar in SharePoint

In this article, I will discuss about how to create a color-coded calendar in SharePoint 2013.

Step 1: first create a calendar list in your site using create app option


Step 2: Now we will look for category column using list setting option in the ribbon

This column will be used to filter and color code in our calendar, choose your option you need in choice section and click OK.


Step 3: Now within the list setting scroll down the page under view section, click on create view

Note: You will notice there are some view by default All Events, Calendar, Current Events.

Keep the view name consistent with column category name. for example Meeting.

Step 4: Scroll down in the create view page, under filter section and select the option show the items when column “Category is equal to Meeting”

filter-view-categoryStep 5: Do the same steps for different choice available in category column, now we will create normal view or default view of the calendar

Select this view as default view, also we will select category column in filter section and will keep “equal to” blank and click OK.


normal-view-filterStep 6: Now we will create color overlays, you can click on Calendars in View option in the side bar or using ribbon click on Calendars Overlay


Step 7: Click on New Calendars option, Calendar Overlay Setting will pops up

Fill the form, keep the name consistent with view name, also select your choice color and copy and past URL of the view you have created.

For example “Meeting” in this case.

Click on resolve button and then look for list and view name and you are done.



Step 8: Repeat the step for other views, I did for Birthday


Step 9: Go to Calendar ribbon, click on event and then new event, give it a title and select the category



Step 10 : follow the same step for Birthday category and we are done with color coded Calendar


Now you can see there are two different color coded box showing up in the calendar.

I hope this article will help you to understand color coded calendar feature in SharePoint.

Let me know in comments section if you have any doubts.


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