How to capture date based on status column

Sometimes while using SharePoint we come up with the requirement of capturing the date when user change the status or any column with some value.

In this post, I will discuss, how to capture date based on status column value of the list or library

  • Open you site using SharePoint Designer and under Site Objects look for Lists and Libraries
  • Click on it and select the list or libraries where you want to create the workflow
  • Once you open the library or list, click on new under workflow

Note: Before creating workflow create a column which we will use to capture the date for example end date.

workflow_addtilte_creating workflow





  • Give the name of the work flow and select the platform type








  • Once you land on the edit mode, create workflow something like this





Here start with Wait for Status (Column name) to equal to Approved ( one of the option)

then Set  End Date column name type date to today

then Log the status in the workflow history list for debug purpose.

  • On the setting page of workflow under start options, check the option start workflow automatically when the item is created
  • Save and publish the workflow and its done

I hope this will help you to create report and tracking start and end date of the process.

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