Copy file name to Title column in SharePoint

Copy filename to Title column in SharePoint

In this post, I will discuss a very easy workflow to copy the filename to Title column in SharePoint list or library.

  • Open your site using SharePoint Designer and under Site, Objects look for Lists and Libraries.
  • Click on it and select the list or libraries where you want to create the workflow.
  • Once you open the library or list, click on new under workflow.

workflow_addtilte_creating workflow

  • Give the name of the workflow and select the platform type.


  • Under step 1 create something like this



  • Make sure Save under setting you change start options and tick start workflow automatically when an item is created.
  • Save and publish the workflow.

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Brian McElroy

Step1 makes no sense – to what value? I am assuming your intent is to check if the Title is blank (because if the author set a Title explicitly a) he/she is s rare as a unicorn but b) we’d better not wipe it out!)?

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