How to Create a Color-Coded Calendar in SharePoint

In this article, I will discuss about how to create a color-coded calendar in SharePoint 2013. Step 1: first create a calendar list in your site using create app option Step 2: Now we will look for category column using list setting option in the ribbon This column will be used to filter and color code … Read more

How to create and use surveys in SharePoint

In this article, I will discuss the OOTB solution available for creating surveys in SharePoint 2013. Let’s start with creating a new survey. Step 1. Click on gear/setting from top left of the page Step 2. Click on add an app Step 3. Scroll down to the page and look for survey app and give … Read more

How to activate or deactivate site features in SharePoint

In SharePoint, each site has certain site features which can be activated or deactivated according to the user requirements. There are some features which are activated when a user creates a new site, for example in team site by default features like Following Content. Getting Started, Mobile Browser View are activated whereas features like SharePoint Server … Read more

How to work with user permission and SharePoint groups

Now after creating site, adding document list and library, putting web parts on it, it’s time to use this site and share it with you team and colleagues. Before sharing, you have to decide and understand SharePoint user’s permission level. It is very important to decide which user or group should have access to your site and … Read more

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