How to save document library as a template with look up column

Today I want to discuss about how to save document library as a template with look up column. To understand this scenario, first we need document library and list where we will use the column of list into our document library. After this we will save both document library and list and try to use … Read more

Server Error in ‘/’ Application. in SharePoint

One of the most common server error which occurs in SharePoint is “Server Error in ‘/’ Application. ”    (RUNTIME ERROR) To Solve this issue, user needs to update the web config file which resides in C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS   Note: this link is for SharePoint 2013 as default web server extension is 15 … Read more

What is Document list and Library, How to create them in SharePoint

Today I will discuss about Document list and library. A list is a place where data can be stored, it is like excel sheet, it consist of  list’s columns with content items and it can be shown using different views. Views of these columns can be configured using list setting. A library is a kind of list … Read more

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